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Computer Dynamics SBC-486DX 486 Single Board Computer Simple Type: CPU Board

The SBC-486DX is a powerful member in our series of “incredibly embeddable” single board computers aimed at embedded applications – from medical equipment, to point of sale, to packaging machinery. The board comes with a 486DX4 at 100 MHz CPU and includes the full complement of standard PC functions – two COM ports, keyboard and speaker interface, printer port, etc. – plus a variety of special features. Tops on this feature list is the SBC-486DX's video controller. Its local bus video allows 32-bit video accesses for maximum throughput and faster graphics. Windows accelerators – for “BITBLT,” hardware cursor and line drawing – are built in. The video chip supports XGA in 256 colors, and will display 256k colors on 640x480 color TFT or passive matrix displays. For memory options, the SBC-486DX offers up to 32M of DRAM and several semiconductor disk options. Its 768k of Flash ROM gives you the ability to erase and reprogram without removing the device from the board; program changes for embedded applications are very simple. Alternatively, the SBC-486DX has up to 3M of on-board ROM/RAM disk for fixed program storage. Since rotating media are the weakest links in any industrial system, this semiconductor disk ensures quick boot up and reliable operation in the most demanding environments.

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  • Board Type: Full Size
  • CPU: 100% compatible with: Intel 486SX2-50, 486DX2-66, 486DX4-100, Texas Instrument 486DX2-66, 486DX4-100, Cyrix 5x86-100 IBM 5x86-100.



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