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SBC-486 - Computer Dynamics SBC-486 Series CPU Board Simple Type: CPU Board

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Computer Dynamics SBC-486 Series CPU Board Simple Type: CPU Board

The SBC-486DX/SBC-586 (referred to as the SBC for the remainder of this manual) is a completePC/AT computer on a single circuit board. The SBC is 100% PC/AT compatible, and provides all thefunctionality of a PC motherboard plus disk drive, local-bus video, real-time clock, and communicationsboards. Smaller than a 5.25" disk drive, the SBC is easily embedded within your application.

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  • +5V only power input (external +12V and -12V required for SBX and PC Bus)
  • 80486SX2, DX2, DX4 or 5x86 CPU
  • Battery -backed real-time clock
  • IDE/AT hard drive control
  • LCD/EL display controller with super VGA local bus video
  • Licensed BIOS
  • Mounts on a 5.25" disk drive
  • One SBX expansion socket
  • Parallel printer port with read back
  • PC/AT Bus expansion
  • PC/AT keyboard port
  • RAM/ROM disk to 3M
  • Two 3.5"/5.25" floppy drive control
  • Two PC-compatible serial ports
  • Up to 64Mbytes DRAM


  • BIOS: 100% compatible clean room BIOS, Flash compatible
  • Board Type: Full Size
  • Communications: Two RS-232 ports, XT pinout (8250 standard cell) including all PC handshaking & true RS -232 levels; one parallel printer port (with read back); speaker connection
  • Compatibility: 100% IBM PC/AT hardware, BIOS/software compatible
  • Disk Storage: Floppy disk interface (two 3.5/5.25" 250/500 kbps); IDE/AT hard drive interface(emulates a Western Digital Winchester interface board); RAM/ROM disk (see memory specification) ROM-Disk generation software optionally available to run both DOS and your programs without rotating disk drives
  • DRAM Memory: Incremental steps ranging between 1M to 64Mbytes without parity and 0/1 wait states
  • Operator Interface: PC/AT keyboard interface; speaker interface
  • Parallel I/O: Printer port useable as 8 outputs, 4 inputs, and 5 inputs/outputs; IDE hard drive interface useable as 16 inputs
  • PC Expansion: 64-pin header and 32-pin header connector to connect up to 6 PC/AT boards via short ribbon cable and/or passive backplane
  • Power: 5V-only, typical
  • RAM/ROM: Disk Three 32k-1Mbyte sockets; bank selected
  • SBX Expansion: One SBX socket with interrupts (Intel SBX standard)
  • Video/Display: VGA compatible with analog Super VGA color or monochrome video. Liquid



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