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PCI-FPCARD - Computer Dynamics PCI-FPCARD Display Graphics Card Simple Type: Graphics Card

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Computer Dynamics PCI-FPCARD Display Graphics Card Simple Type: Graphics Card

The PCIFP card from Computer Dynamics is a full-featured video graphics accelerator card specifically optimized for flat panel displays. It provides both TTL and LVDS interfaces, which will allow flat panel (LCD) displays to be located up to 30 feet from the computer. Up to three individual LCD displays and a CRT display may be driven simultaneously. In addition to normal computer graphics display functions it provides a COM port pass through and, as an option, NTSC/PAL video input and output functions. The COM port allows RS-232 functions, such as a touch screen or remote keyboard located at the display, to use the video cable for data transmission. The data can then be passed on to the computer COM port. The PCIFP card is equipped with 4 Mbytes of memory, which allows full, 24 bit color presentation on displays up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Both active and passive LCD panels are supported. The user’s specific type and size panel is easily selected by means of jumpers on the card.

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  • LCD display controller with Super VGA video.
  • One PC-compatible Pass-Through serial port allows one RS-232 device to use the video cable for data transmission.
  • Optional cable lengths and connectors are available upon request.
  • Simultaneous CRT and flat panel display. (Not available for all Panel/CRT combinations)
  • Standard 6-ft remote capability via a SCSI-2 type connector for driving flat panel display.


  • +12 Vdc - 0.20 Amp
  • -12 Vdc - 0.20 Amp
  • Compatibility: 100% IBM hardware BIOS/software compatible
  • Power Requirements: +5 Vdc - 0.50 Amp
  • Serial I/O: One Pass-Through RS-232 serial port. Internal (header) and External (DB-9 and SCSI) connectors provided. Each RS-232 port (input and output) has a 16-byte FIFO on both transmit & receive. Max baud rate is 115.2Kbaud.
  • Video/Display: VGA compatible with analog video output (option). LCD or EL displays installed. Software initialization drivers included.



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