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COMPUTER DYNAMICS ATOUCH Display - Analog Resistive Touch Screen Controller Simple Type: Display

The Atouch touchscreen controller is a general purpose, 12 bit analog resistive controller which supports Computer Dynamics' analog resistive touch screen overlays. These overlays are available in various sizes and configurations that provide resistive touchscreen support for the Computer Dynamics Display-PAC product line. The standard analog resistive product line includes the AR1, AR2, AR3, and AR4 while bezeled versions suitable for NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 applications are offered as NEMA 12: CN1, CN3, CN5 and NEMA 4: CN2, CN4, CN6. Via factory setting, the Atouch controller board is configurable to support both 4 wire analog resistive technology, as well as the 5 wire analog resistive technology. The Atouch Controller offers a resolution of 4096x4096 and 100,000 touchpoints per inch squared.

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  • 12 bit resolution
  • Dedicated RS232 serial port for direct interface to any Computer Dynamics SBC product
  • High accuracy and fast response
  • Low power, 5 Volt only operation
  • Optional 4 wire analog resistive interface
  • Standard 5 wire analog resistive interface


  • Communications: 1 dedicated serial port to interface with the different SBC boards.
  • EEPROM: 93C46 - (Reference Designator U4 in schematic. Atouch boards use this for storing configuration data.)
  • Panel Interfaces: 1 4-wire resistive touch interface (Optional). 1 5- wire resistive touch interface.(Factory default)
  • Physical: 2.2 inches width X 4 inches length X 0.25 depth
  • Power: +5 Volts @ 250mA



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